Wow. How is it possible that 39 WEEKS have already gone by?!? Some days I think it was just yesterday that I peed on a stick and found out we were pregnant and other days it seems like January was eons ago and it MUST be almost over already.

Speaking of peeing on a stick, when Gill and I were driving back from Nanaimo the other day we were reminiscing about my bout of insanity back in December/January when I was trying to figure out whether or not I was actually pregnant. It all started in November just after Dale got back from his tour in Egypt and we decided, “Hey, why not? Let’s just try and see how it goes”. We were both expecting “it” to take awhile considering I’d been on the pill for almost 11 years (yikes!). Anyway, needless to say we had an enjoyable December. Then, the week after Christmas I was kinda expecting my period and thinking “Wow, there is actually a possibility that I’m pregnant!”. Which was totally freaky and unbelievably exciting all at once.

But silly Jen had forgotten to note on the calendar what the dates of my last period were and somehow lost count of the weeks…after all, for the past 11 years I had known that my period was due by the fact that I finished a package of pills, right? No need to count or track these things!! So, originally I thought that I should be getting a period between Christmas and New Years and when I didn’t, I decided that I MUST have counted the weeks wrong in all the commotion and confusion that is December! So I imbibed a wee bit on New Years Eve (I stress the word “wee” – cause I still had my doubts) and went back to work still waiting for and expecting my period to arrive. Well, the week came and went and at the Officer’s Mess that Friday I even had a beer (the first week back is always rough, ok?) and the next day Gill and I headed to Nanaimo to hit the scrapbooking sales at Micheal’s Craft Store.

Now comes the funny part…We’re in Michael’s for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden I start to get really queasy and decide that if I don’t sit down I’m going to puke. Gill looks at me and says “You still haven’t gotten your period have you? You must be pregnant!” But I assure her that it’s just because it’s already 1 pm and I haven’t eaten since around 7am, so we head to Timmies where I manage to eat a plain bagel and some juice and water which make me feel better (and justified in my “I’m just hungry” argument) and then we head home. But, I did agree to stop at a drugstore to pick up a pregnancy test and assure Gill that I will do it first thing Sunday morning – cause your first morning pee supposedly has the highest concentration of pregnancy hormones (I had done my reading, ok).

img_2858.jpgAnyway…apparently I am neither a very patient person, nor one that has much faith in home pregnancy tests! By the time I got home and Dale was cooking supper I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to have that fateful pee. Of course I carefully read the directions and knew that I needed to let the stick sit for at least 3 minutes before reading it. Well, the first pink line (1 = no, 2 = yes) appears immediately and the second takes a little longer, but it started to faintly appear within the first minute. Very faintly. At which point I totally freaked out, ran out of the bathroom, launched myself at Dale and forbade him to go in to see for himself because I was pretty sure I was just seeing double and there couldn’t REALLY be a second line there. OMG – could there really be a second line!?!

Eventually we determined that I didn’t in fact require an emergency trip to the Ophthalmologist and the test did indeed mean that I was pregnant. We were definitely excited. But wait – the silliness doesn’t quite end there – then I called Gill. The conversation when something like this:

Me – “So, I did the test”

Gill – “OMG – you’re pregnant?!?!?”

Me – “No! Wait! I mean, don’t get too excited. I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Gill – “WHAT? Yes or no?”

Me – “Well, there might have been 2 lines…it’s hard to tell.”

Dale (in the background) – “There were 2 lines – she’s pregnant!”

Gill – “OMG!! I’m going to be an Aunt!!!

So the bottom line is that I HAD counted right initially and probably would have gotten a positive test about a week earlier had I tried! So that’s the crazy story about how I found out I was pregnant and now, very shortly, I will no longer be pregnant. I will be a mom. I think, similar to the wavering over 2 pink lines, I’m somewhat in denial about our impending parenthood. But I’m also pretty confident that we’ll be ok. More than ok.

P.S. I will try to post regularly until the baby arrives so as not to leave you all in agonizing suspense