So you all know my dog is a superstar right? In between naps and contractions (both of which I’m having a lot of these days!) we took my friend Caroline (who is visiting all the way from Germany) to the local Fall Fair, where T.a.G. Team Agility Group (who we train with) was doing a demonstration.

img_3687.jpgAs an aside – coming from Ontario I had certain expectations of a Fall Fair, and I must say that I was a wee bit disappointed with the so called “west-coast” version of the fair. No midway and no rides! But there were mini donuts – which somewhat made up for it. Somewhat.

Ok, so back to the superstar dog. Turner is a 2 1/2 year old labradoodle and we’ve been doing agility with him for just over 2 years now. Usually I run Turner; however my burgeoning belly no longer permits anything close to “running” so Dale has taken over for the time being and is doing a FABULOUS job! We’ve never truly considered competing with Turner because for us agility is just a great way to get some exercise, tire Turner out and have fun doing it. Seriously – our dog loves this stuff. As soon as we pull into the driveway of the farm where we practice, he starts going crazy!

The fair was the first time we’ve had Turner in a “competition-like” setting (other dogs around, lots of people wanting to pet him, one walk-through of the course and no time to practice). Plus, we haven’t made it to agility practice for the past two weeks since Dale has been working and I can’t keep up anymore. Needless to say we were a little skeptical about how Turner would perform, but it’s all for fun so we figured we’d support Traci and Glen (our fantastic trainers) and run him anyway.

Well, as the pictures attest – he did fabulous! And can you tell how much he LOVES it! We are planning on keeping up with agility after Baby Campbell arrives. Dale will keep running Turner for the next month or so, and then hopefully by the end of October I’ll be back up to speed again. I’m inspired by our trainer Glenn’s wife…who manages to homeschool their kids, run a busy household and run agility with their dogs. They even have their 8 year old son running one of their dogs now – it’s amazing to see to the intensity with which the border collie watches the little boy for every new command. I’m pretty certain that we don’t have a National Agility Champion on our hands…but I am convinced that we have one fabulous dog! All in all – quite the fun weekend.