So yesterday was Dale’s and my 4th wedding anniversary and I had everything perfectly planned out in my head. I was going to write this great post about love and marriage and remind the world how wonderful my husband is. It all seemed especially appropriate considering we are about to go from being two of “us” to being three of “us”. However…somewhere between the physio appointment, the hypnobirthing session, getting the house ready for my friend Caroline (all the way from Germany!) to arrive and driving to and from Nanaimo to pick Caroline up, my great intentions were misplaced and a groggy, 6:50 am “Happy Anniversary” was the full extent of our celebration of our nuptials.

So I say better late than never.

First…for those of you who don’t know, Dale and I were high school sweethearts. (I can hear the “awwws” right now). Yep – we met a ridiculously long time ago and went on our first “date” to the Christmas Semi Formal on Dec 18th, 1995 when we were both in grade 11. We had a little “break” (Dale might describe this somewhat differently – but I’ll spare you the gory teenage details) while I went gallivanting through Europe for my grade 12 year but, after a somewhat dismal Christmas Semi Formal in 1997, we managed to patch things up and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, we’ve been “us” for a very, very long time; hence the reason it’s kind of tough to contemplate “us” meaning Dale, Jen and Baby Campbell, as opposed to just Dale and Jen. There are days that even I wonder how we actually made it from geeky highschool couple to mature, stable, married folk. And of course I now question how we’ll weather the next transition to the world of parenthood (eeek!).

But if there is one thing that I think will make it possible…it’s Dale. Dale is a lot of things all wrapped up into one person and I think he is the perfect compliment and balance to me. He’s extremely kind and caring, sometimes to his own detriment. He’s very funny (although not always intentionally). He’s way smarter than he gives himself credit for. He’s very athletic – which any one who’s seen him in his road biking get-up can attest to! He has a crazy diverse range of interests that fascinate (and sometimes frustrate) me – biking, gardening, hiking, juggling, cleaning, cooking, and WOW – just to name a few. He’s a little bit old fashioned and a lot forward thinking. He’s gentle and patient, two things I am not very good at. He’s frugal (apparently a better description than “cheap”and another one of my weaknesses). He’s a little bit stoic and sometimes hard to read, but at the same time, wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the things he really cares about.

I guess when it comes down to it, I can’t even imagine my life without Dale. He has been here beside me for so long. Although 4 years of marriage is not an incredible length of time, they have been 4 fantastic years nonetheless. We’ve lived through some changes (moving to BC, having Gill live with us, Dale’s deployment, my growing career), and had a few adventures (Greece, Mexico, Mt Albert Edward, driving across the Canada); but I think the best parts of the last 4 years are those intangibles that are just between us – day to day decisions and actions that make “us” who we are. So, even though I’m late with my post of love and devotion, I hope that this will let Dale (and all of you) know that there was a lot of love contained in that groggy, 6:50 am “Happy Anniversary” wish.