Considering that I have thus far found pregnancy to be one of the most indecisive periods of my entire adult life, I’ve discovered that the world expects pregnant women (and their equally indecisive partners) to make a heck of a lot of major decisions and many, many more minor decisions too!

So far I think I’ve weathered the major decision making fairly well. It was easy to decide on a midwifery practice as they came with so many fantastic recommendations from other moms. Dale made it easy for me to “decide” to take good care of myself during my pregnancy (read: he gave me no option but to take good care of myself). With lots of support from Gill we managed to a) pick a theme for the nursery and b) choose nursery furniture. No small feat let me tell you!! Thanks to the wealth of online knowledge available at the touch of the keyboard we chose diapers and about a million other baby care necessities. Despite that same wealth of online knowledge we are still woefully undecided on a name for a baby boy (girl’s name? Check). Oh – and in case you’re wondering – the names are a secret until s/he arrives!

One decision that we made very early on in the pregnancy was to give birth to our baby in the hospital. This decision came almost automatically. Ok, so really we didn’t actually think about it at all. We just assumed that “normal” people (read: everyone other than crunchy Islanders) gave birth in the hospital. Forgive us – we are from Ontario after all!

Fast forward to two weeks ago when we went on our hospital tour and came out quite disappointed. Now – don’t get me wrong – I have heard nothing, absolutely nothing, but good things about the staff and facilities at our local hospital. But the reality is, it’s still a hospital. It smells like one, looks like one and despite the brave attempt to make the labour rooms more “homey” they just aren’t the same as being at home.

So, after some serious discussion about the pros and cons of both, Dale and I have made yet another pregnancy related decision (albeit a bit late in the game!). If all goes well, and barring any unforeseen complications in the next few weeks or after the onset of labour, we will give birth to this baby at home!

Yes, that’s right. Baby Campbell will greet the world for the first time in our tiny, 1960’s vintage PMQ. Crazy? Maybe for a couple of conservative kids from Southwestern Ontario! But we’re a long way from Ontario and this beautiful Island has opened our eyes and our minds to a whole new way of living our lives – more naturally. I must say I’m pretty excited now that we’ve chatted with our midwife and discussed the process and the risks and benefits of home birth and I think Dale and I are both quite confident in our decision (Dale of course was confident all along and, typically, I’m blaming my initial indecisiveness on third trimester hormones!) I’ve been inspired by some wonderful stories of home births that I’ve read and heard about and am truly happy about the fact that birthing at home will allow us to have the calm, quiet hypnobirth that we’re aiming for.

Plus – won’t it fabulous to be posted back to Comox years down the road and be able to drive through the PMQ’s with our son/daughter and say “Hey – that’s the house you were born in!”