That’s a very good question.

Everyone asks and I’m really not quite sure how to answer. Obviously I am super appreciative of all the support and concern from friends and family (a little less so from strangers – but I know that they mean only the best!). Still…I seem entirely unable to formulate an honest response.

I’m kinda tired. But I get lots of sleep and I know that this is nothing compared to what will come later and hence feel that I should avoid this response. On the one hand I’m totally anxious for our baby to arrive, yet terrified at the same time about all the changes that will instantaneously occur when s/he does! I happy to no longer be at work and totally grateful for the wonderful maternity and parental benefits that I receive as a member of the CF, but it kinda feels like gloating to remind everyone of that fact! I feel like a house and I am so over the baby-feet-in-the-rib-cage thing. The novelty has officially worn off, yet I’m excited every time I feel our little one squirm in my belly.

So as you can see…it’s very easy for such a simple question to be rather complicated to answer. I guess the appropriate answer would be “I feel 9 months pregnant!” and hopefully some people will understand all the wild and wacky sentiments that come wrapped up with that state of being.

I guess one other thing I am feeling is excited by all the super adorable baby stuff that is quickly accumulating in our until-now babyless home! The stroller has arrived (thanks Mom!), the baby kimonos and diapers have been washed and the bassinet(thanks Grandma!) and crib bedding are arriving today. I have practiced wrapping a teddy bear in the Cuddly Wrap (thanks Kelly!) to the point where I feel I won’t drop the baby at my first attempt. Also my fabulous little sister brought over the most adorable safari-themed stuffed animals yesterday – a 3 foot tall giraffe and super soft stuffed lion (thanks Gill!) to add to the nursery decor. Unfortunately there is still no nursery furniture…despite the fact that it was ordered in June! But that’s ok – because all the baby really needs to begin with is Mom and Dad’s arms, lots of love and a little milk (yay for boobs!) Still I can’t help but love all the adorable nursery stuff.

Now if we can only figure out how to install the car seat I could at least tell people I feel “prepared”!!