Alright – so the analogy of pregnancy being like a roller-coaster ride might be just a wee overused, but I’ve officially determined that it’s true! One minute I’m ecstatic that I’m getting so close to the end…and the next I’m beyond freaked out and stressing to the max about the fact that we seem to have nothing ready for the arrival of this baby. Of course there is also the added stress of the fact that every single person I meet (acquaintances, friends, total strangers) asks me whether or not I’m excited.

Excited? I guess so, yes. I am very ready to finally meet this baby. Excited to finally know whether it’s a boy or a girl, to give him or her a name, to truly grasp the fact that Dale and I created this new little person. But the thought of actually being a Mom is so totally overwhelming to me at the moment that it kind of eclipses the excitement. That and the fact that I’m trying super hard not to get ahead of myself and really take things a day at a time. After all, it could very well be weeks before I give birth and there is still so much to do in the meantime (which you would know if you could see the sad sad state of the “nursery” at the moment – it looks more like a storage locker than anything!)

Thank goodness for Dale’s sanity at the moment! He has been rock solid in supporting my crazy ups and downs over the last few weeks, constantly reassuring me and making the decisions that I can’t seem to handle (like whether to order 1 dozen prefold diapers or 2 dozen…). I knew there was a reason I picked him 🙂

For once even my crazy sister is more organized and centred than I am – she’s calmly working away at the gender neutral baby announcements. And despite her usual tendencies to hypochondria, she constantly reminds me that by practicing my hypnobirthing techniques I will have the calm, quiet, pain-free labour I want. I owe her big time!

So, “excited?” is hard question to answer. Yes…and no. Bottom line is that I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for for my friends (actually – all women) and their families who have survived the ninth month of pregnancy unscathed! Well done ladies!